Observational Case Study: Student Learning in the Social Sciences

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Observational Case Study of Student Learning in the Social Sciences Overview The case study reported herein this work in writing relates a case study, which is an observational study of humanities teaching and student learning in the social sciences. This study observes classroom instruction to identify issues with the teaching of humanities, student engagement and learning, what teachers and students do in the classroom context, and finally makes recommendations and identifies possible solutions. It is noted in the work of Blair (2004) that eighth grade teachers in social studies "struggle with piquing the students' interest on a daily basis. Social studies seems to have a bad rap. Most students entering the classroom have already decided that this subject is a boring one. They are unable to recognize the importance of social studies in their everyday lives, and are willing to simply put in their time in the classroom." (p.1) Blair states that educators in the instruction of social studies must find alternative ways to teach their subject in the classroom. These alternative ways, however, must appeal to all types of learners with all different learning abilities. How can one textbook fit all learners? More and more students are passing through middle schools and junior highs with little or no civic-minded responsibility. They simply do not understand how the critical decisions made in the past affect their daily lives. These are the same individuals who grow up and

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