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Paisley woke up at 9:00 A.M. catch her flight to leave New Orleans. Just as she was sitting down they had announced that her flight was delayed because there was a huge dilemma. She yelled ugh! and sat back down. She thought to herself what am I going to do. A lightbulb went off in her head. she was going to go to Morning call in City Park. When she arrived at morning call, she went and looked on the menu and realized they only serve beignets and milk. After ten minutes of waiting she finally order, sat down and enjoyed her meal. she enjoyed it so much she lost track of time. she quickly rushed back to the airport to see her flight take off. she rushed to ask the lady when the next flight out was and she said tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. She tantalized…show more content…
Later, that night she decided she was hunger. She left the hotel in a cab and had requested to be dropped off in the french quarter. She walked for a couple of blocks and found Antoine's restaurant. She went inside to check it. She ate and enjoyed her meal. It was 8:00 p.m. and she wasn't tired yet. She saw signs with advertisement and said I can either go to City Park or The New Orleans Museum of Art. She picked The New Orleans Museum of Art. She walked in and everyone stopped and stared at her. The lady at the museum said they frequently give out free tickets and handed her one. During the tour of the museum there was an altercation between a tour guide and a customer. They screamed back and forth until the manager came and took over the tour. The guy walking with paige asked her to steal the paper off of the table. she is a very circumspect person, so she said no and walked away as the man next to her looked very irated. Finally, she finished the tour and left. She eventually got back to her hotel room and went to sleep. She woke up early the next morning and enjoyed a good breakfast and made her flight on time. When she got home she told her parents about the fun and heckteck time she spent in New Orleans and told them she wanted to come
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