Observational Learning Psychology

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Throughout television, one can hardly go a few minutes without being subjected to hundreds of ads, each providing something that is claimed to be essential to life. However, there may be something deeper behind these advertisements. Many psychological aspects are used by companies to ensure that their ads will leave an impression on the viewer. One of the main elements used is observational learning. During observational learning an observer will watch someone performing an action and observe the effects that said action has. If the action results in a negative reaction the observer will be less likely to repeat it. If the action has a positive reaction, they are more likely to repeat that action. One example of how observational learning…show more content…
In an advertisement for Omega watches, James Bond is portrayed along with the new watch model, complete with text stating the watch is “James Bond’s choice.” While not explicitly stated, it nevertheless can cause the viewer to immediately begin to associate the watch with James Bond’s lifestyle, or at the very least class and luxury. This is retained for several reasons. The first is that this advertisement directly ties into an upcoming movie, and any Bond fan will likely now recognize a connection between the Omega watch and the character of James Bond. Owning the watch is then recognized with wit, sophistication and charm. The second is that when one goes to watch Casino Royale, the watch is pointed out. When one of the characters, Vesper, is attempting to analyze Bond, she points out his expensive watch, even asking him if it was a Rolex. This will result in an increased motivation to purchase an Omega watch due to its association with the James Bond character. Even if at a conscious level the consumer recognizes that this is only an ad, the association and observational learning will remain, influencing their
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