Observational Research

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Observational research empowers a scientist to consistently receive empirical information from observing people in their natural circumstances without intentionally influencing the behavior and environment of study. The study has several observational styles where the scientist is not involved, can be notably present, but not involved, or becomes a participant for a firsthand view of the experience among the people studied. This hands-off research style requires the scientist to have discernment to remain oblivious, account for instances when their presence can affect the behavior and, as other studies, discipline to remain strictly not bias. The first component in this style of research is naturalistic observations, which is for the…show more content…
The fear of shame or disrespect may creep into the men as they know that a woman is among them, thus influencing the behavior in question. Also, if the researcher is an older man and the study is younger men, then the younger men may react differently among an elder. A best practice for a scientist is not to take on the form of a catalyst, but assume an identity, from their research, that would fit a place in the crowd with the least impact on the behavior. Lastly, the scientist, in some scenarios, may be prompted by personal convictions to become involved. For instance, let’s say men, in the study, are rude towards a woman, harass her, and treat her unfairly, so the scientist may be drawn to provide comfort or isolate the behavior from getting out of hand. Scientist, participating in this approach, must commit themselves to the study to an extent consistent with their convictions or compromise their convictions to the point reasonable to conclude the study. In most cases, it seems a coordination of both practices would provide the most rounded study. The pure naturalistic observation style will produce thorough notes about the behavior of the group studied and allow the scientist to deduce the following measures to finalize their research. The participation style can test the behaviors chartered in the naturalistic observation and continue the
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