Observations And Reflections On The Us Health Care System

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Observations and reflections on the US health care system, some worrying trends observed in recent years, as well as the observations made in the course of practical work in health care have led to my decision to write to you. Among people without health care in our country, about 88% of the work, but many do not earn enough to pay for private health insurance (DeNavas-Walt, Proctor, and Smith, 2011). At the same time they cannot get government insurance for the poor because their income is higher than the official poverty level. In the case of unpaid treatment to the law of the seizure of property of the debtor and the person may remain homeless because medical bills can easily reach 20 thousand dollars and more. This situation makes it…show more content…
Medical errors are among the five most common causes of death in the United States, among them - cardiovascular, cancer, stroke and lung disease. According to scientists, the number of deaths of Americans as a result of medical errors exceeds the number of deaths caused by breast cancer, car accidents or AIDS. Checking the quality of care insurance company organized for the benefit of the patient, and as a result hospitals financially punishes not only technical, but also for medical errors (Ulene, 2008). Implementation of the system to contain costs for voluntary health insurance does not mean that reduce the amount of services provided to patients by insurance. Efforts are aimed at optimizing the examination and treatment. For example, in our surgical hospital, through the use of advanced surgical techniques, digital mobile X-ray, the patient with a hip fracture can be discharged on day 2, and consequently reduces the cost per bed-day payments. Urgently needed is the harmonization of standards of examination and treatment. Indeed, insurance companies fear that in the epoch of private medicine, clinics tend to provide the best possible service and therefore resort to a system matching each service provided by the insurer. It should be noted that at present all serious, major insurance companies
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