Observations On Gender Marketing Product Packaging

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Observations in Gender Marketing Product packaging is usually the first this one sees when shopping. Certain product utilize gender specific marketing because only men or women can use them, e.g. sanitary napkins, jock itch cream. However, many products are, or should be gender neutral, yet they still are marketed to a specific sex. I will address five such products and discuss how this expresses the different expectations of men and women. The first of these products is disposable razors. This handy product has taken the country by storm over the past thirty years or so. I remember when I was growing up, women mostly used disposable razors and the packaging was still quite gender neutral. Yet now when I walk into the local drug store and walk down the razor isle there are so many to choose from; and, many are gender specific. The packaging for razors marketed to men are in black, dark blues, oranges and a multitude of greens. They have names like Flex, Mach, and Metal, all names with a hard, uber-masculine feel. On the other side of the isle are the women’s razors. They sport names like Venus, Soleil, and Silk; all having an undeniably feminine feel. They are generally packaged in one color, pink, which for most Americans is the color associated with femininity. When one used to hear of “body wash”, it was a female thing, i.e. women use body wash and men use bar soap. This is so not true these days, with so many companies marketing body washes for men. One such product

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