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PPR Domain 1 5th Grade Science Meadows Elementary Time: 08:30 to 10:00 Teacher: Mrs. De La Santo Teaching Strategies: The strategies that the teacher use for the activity was called: Steps of the Scientific Method (Steps of a Science Project.) The students had to use the background knowledge that had been shown to then in the beginning of the week and the information that she had went over at the beginning of the class that day. The children were told to think about: • Hypothesis • Recipes • Gathering material • Experiment • Control-things that stay the same (constant) • Review and ask questions • Get response from children • Conclusion- the end of investigation Class Learner or Teacher Centered: The children are…show more content…
They were really wanted to get it right so they answered every question and made sure that the answers were right. The students kept up with her as she explained and taught them. The students really wanted to get to the real experiment but she told them that until them could get the flow chart right and understand it, the project would had to wait because it was important that they all understand everything. Students Strengths: Science learning of the flow chart for an experiment, that they will be doing next week. Made sure they understood every detail of how the experiment would be conducted. They all understood that if one thing was done wrong or missed that they experiment would not turn out. They were answering the work sheet with all the right answers and had the understanding of the steps that they were to follow. The teacher seemed to be teaching the very well because the worksheet showed that they had listened to her in the week before. They were very strong in the knowledge of the steps of the experiment. Taught the class: Don’t think that I would have taught it any differently. She kept asking questions and made sure that they understood, gave out instructions very clearly, and told them where to turn the papers in. she was walking around checking on the children’s process and she also wrote on the board where to turn in their work in case someone was not listening. As they did the test,
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