Observations Regarding Slides Of Many Species Seen With A Light Microscope

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Observations Regarding Slides of Many Species Seen With a Light Microscope Introduction: Our class gathered to observe the differences and similarities of life observable under a microscope. We wanted to study details of each slide to understand the larger picture of the life that they make-up. Methods and Materials: Our class of twelve was subdivided into six groups of two. Each group used a light microscope to observe thirteen slides of organic materials (listed with the appended images). The slides were dyed one or two colors to show different parts of the organisms or cells. With each slide we started our observations on 40x magnification and moved up, through 100x, to 400x magnification. After recording what I saw under the microscopes, I researched what I had seen, and collected images for comparison, which appear in the appendix. Observations/Results: The first slide that my team observed was of Allium root tip in mitosis. Even on the lowest magnification, cell wells were clear, and nuclei were visible. This visibility shows how relatively large the cells are. On higher magnification, chromosomes were visible, and clearly splitting; they were in varying stages of mitosis. Not all cell walls seemed to have nuclei in them. The duplicating cells were caught in stop motion. If they could have continued this action they would have created so many new cells that the Allium specimen could have grown. In effect, we were observing a multicellular organism in the act of

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