Observations in a Public School

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I observed a fifth grade class at P.S 108Q, The Captain Vincent G. Fowler School in South Ozone Park. The Captain Vincent G. Fowler School serves Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth grade, with over a thousand students and seventy -nine teachers in total. It is a very diverse school; over sixty -four percent of the Asian ethnicity. P.S. 108Q, school mission is “to inspire and support families to champion their children’s education at school, at home and in their community.” The school has a small and large playground for students to enjoy during gym activities, recess and afterschool. Being a large school it has five entrances and each grade level uses a different entrance. A classroom should always be organized and neat to help promote students learning. The classroom that I observed is very large and it has the biggest space on the fifth floor. It has a huge closet, where students place their backpacks and hangs their jackets. Students are seated into groups of three, having a total of ten students per group. Each group consists of ten desks and ten chairs organize next to each other, allowing students or pairs to work with each other more efficiently. The classroom is very spacious and makes it safe for students to move around freely without bumping into something. As well for being spacious, the classroom is organized having sections such as…

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