Essay on Observations of Chemical Changes

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Experiment In this lab we were asked to observe changes and colors when mixing two or three chemicals together. The actual experiment itself used twelve different pipits and three chemicals I selected from my house. To begin, I first gathered everything, including the 96 well plate, 24 well plate, goggles, and gloves along with the observations of chemical changes bag. I set it up all on the the kitchen table that had paper towels on it. Next, I made my data table so that I could record my reactions. Third, I sat all the pipets in the 24 well plate. At this point, I began the lab by following the instructions for each chemical. I had to drop two drops of the first chemical into one well, followed by two drops of the second chemical…show more content…
F1 Kl and Pb(NO3)2 mustard, cloudy look no change when on white or black paper G1 NaOH and phenolphthalein violet color no change on white, but deeper violet on black paper H1 HCl and phenolphthalein faint white cloudy look color was more visible when on the black paper over the white A3 NaOH and AgNO3 brown muddy color, thicker no change when on white or black paper B3 AgNO3 and NH3 no change until the light no paper change, however when under the light for a minute it began turning a orange brown color C3 NH3 and CuSO4 aqua and cloudy looking no change in color over papers noticed, if any small. Data Table 2 – Observations of Chemical Changes, using chemicals in house with BTB Well # Chemicals Used Reaction Paper Change D3 Cleaner w/bleach and BTB started as a blue, then turned pale yellow no change noticed E3 Multi-surface cleaner and BTB Blue with bubbles could see bubbles a little better when on the black paper F3 Mr. Clean Antibacterial and BTB Royal Blue a little darker when on the black paper than on the white Observation The observation of this lab is detailed in the data table above. The three main changes that were noticed when chemicals
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