Essay about Observe a Sixth Grade English Class at Bain Middle School

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Observe a Sixth Grade English Class at Bain Middle School

I observe at Roosevelt Middle School, which is in River Forest, in
Mrs. Braun’s sixth grade English class on Tuesdays in the morning. As
I have observed, I have noticed that the classroom is student-centered. During computer time, Mrs. Braun focused more on helping the students get into the computer program to start the assignment than on having enough time to get the assignment done.
Several times, Mrs. Braun gave helpful comments on how to do things on the computer or in the program, such as how to install automatic spell check. Mrs. Braun was also very patient as she was being asked questions while she was trying to explain the assignment. From what I saw, some
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Braun, and then vocabulary is covered. Then a vocabulary assignment is given with any other new assignments on what is being cover in class. Next the teacher reads or goes over any assigned readings from the book that is being covered in class. This is the same basic routine for period two.
The third period is computer time and the routine seems to vary. There is a quick transition from activity to activity during these routines.

The classroom environment is that of a basic classroom setting. There are some decorations and other things hanging on the wall. Among the decorations is a hand-made calendar on the wall by Mrs. Braun’s desk.
There is a history of each student’s last name on the wall on the other side of Mrs. Braun’s desk. There seems to be a controlled temperature and lighting in the classroom and they are set at an adequate setting. The room is arranged with five groups of desks in a circular type shape. In the middle of the room is a cart where new assignments are put and reading journals are kept. There are different locations throughout the room for different supplies. With the layout of the room, it seems there is adequate space to move around and do in-class activities. The physical space also seems conducive to teaching and learning. The physical space, including seating and grouping arrangements, seems to enhance cooperation and learning because there seems to be fewer distractions