Observing Literacy In A Second-Grade Classroom

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I had the opportunity to observe literacy in a Second-Grade classroom at Ferguson K-8 School. The first time I walked into the room, right away I noticed a small library in the corner. The library consists of picture, non-fiction, and fiction books. There was a big, blue, comfy carpet surrounding the library section for the students to read on. The day would start off with the students correcting two sentences silently then doing it together. An example would be “mr white came to are house to fix the freazer”. The students would then raise their hands to fix the sentence. If the student was right, they would have to explain to the class why they did it. As the day went on, I noted how much time they spend on reading and writing during…show more content…
By the end of the short story, majority of the students can re-tell the short story fluently. The teacher would emphasize the words to make the story more interesting and ask questions throughout. She did a very good job making connections with the students to help them engage in the lesson. The students focused a lot on learning sequence of events, and the story map. The story map involves the title, author, main characters, setting and main points. About three students in the classroom were only reading at kindergarten level and the other students were reading at either the grade-level or higher than the grade-level. I took time to work with the students who could only read at kindergarten level. As I was working with them, I caught myself sounding the words out every time and breaking it down for them. Doing that helped the struggling students more than I expected. Once they kept hearing me sounding the word out, they would do the same and be able to figure out the words themselves. After reading then would go onto special and then come back and practice writing. The teacher would integrate reading also in writing by splitting the students into their leveled groups and every 15 minutes, the students would cycle into
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