Observing on the Gospel of Matthew

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Observing on the Gospel of Matthew
This Gospel with precisely placed first as introductory PB and "the Messiah, the son of the living God" (Matthew 16: 16). Although the author's name is not mentioned in the Bible, the nas testimony all the church fathers who first (since c. 130 ad) stated that the Gospel was written by Matthew, one of the disciples of Jesus.
If the Gospel of mark was written to the Romans and the Gospel of Luke for Theophilus and all non-Jewish believers the Gospel of Matthew was written to Jewish believers. The Jewish background of this Gospel seems in many ways, including
1. (1) dependency on the revelation, promises, and the prophecy old testament to prove that Jesus was the Messiah who has long anticipated;
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This is because there is much more going on in Matthew compared the book anywhere in the New Testament, became a hallmark of Matthew. A special feature of this is the joint presentation of the material Matthew yg yg regularly, making this book since the earliest became The most widely read and in some cases wrote the fourth Gospel's most influential. Modern historians doubt accept the tradition that the Apostle Matthew is the author of Matthew, so presumably the author depends on a document drawn up by an author who is not the Apostles, the Gospel of mark, a thing that doesn't make sense held by an apostle. (R.V.G)

Matthew's Hallmark

Typical characteristics

The seven main characteristics mark this Gospel.
(1) This Gospels had more observe on Jesus as a Jewish.
(2) the teaching and Ministry of Jesus healing and deliverance in the areas served by the most organised. Because of this, then in the second century the Church was already applying the Gospel to foster new people repent.
(3) the fifth major teachings contain material which is widest in the four Gospels that Jesus ' teaching notes
(a) during his Ministry in Galilee and
(b) concerning the last things (eschatology).
(4) the Gospel is specifically mentions the event in the life of Jesus as the fulfillment of the Old Testament is far more than any other book in the new testament
(5) the Kingdom of heaven's Kingdom is mentioned two times more than other books in the New

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