Essay on Obsession With Looks and Appearance in the Hunger Games

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Appearance and fashion are important factors that drive our societies today. We live in a world where people are judged by the way they look, dress and carry themselves. This phenomenon is display by Suzanne Collins in her New York Times bestseller trilogy the “Hunger Games”. In this book, Collins presents a dystopian world, a world that is awful and terrible. The different themes used in this book are violence, corruption, obsession, inequality and physical appearance and they somehow related to our world. She compared Panem with our world. The goal of the book is to warn people that if we don’t used resources efficiently, if we don’t help each other, if we still obsessed with money we will end up killing each other. During the games,…show more content…
A boy and a girl are chosen from each one of the twelve districts and brought to the arena where they have to fight to death where there is only one winner. The game is filmed and projected live on television. Despite the roughness and hard environment, appealing to the viewers and sponsors with looks and personality could result in a victory by itself. After all, it is on television, and though the people of Panem are forced to watch it anyway, they still attempt to make it seem like an entertaining show to watch. During the game, the players are fighting for their district and their own life so appearance should not be as important as it seems but when you add the camera, the sponsors and the public, it takes a whole other level. The player don’t want to look scared, they don’t want to appear weak because showing your weakness and losing mentally. We have this in the 2nd chapter, ““Prim, let go," I say harshly, because this is upsetting me and I don't want to cry. When they televise the replay of the reapings tonight, everyone will make note of my tears, and I'll be marked as an easy target. A weakling. I will give no one that satisfaction.” (2.11) After the reapings, katniss is dealing with her emotions but don’t want to have the look of someone who is ready to quit, someone who is not a warrior so she does
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