Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( Ocd ) And All The Corresponding

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The story is an intriguing tale that I would argue explicates and profoundly depicts the different dynamics associated with the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and all the corresponding tendencies that exacerbate the anxiety. The main character, Mr. Melvin Udall’s behavior and actions speaks volume about the debilitating effects of the disorder. He seems to constantly have unwanted and intrusive thoughts that can’t seems to get out of head, making him obsessed with it, Example the constant irrational worry about dirt at home, in the restaurant, on the streets so as to not come in contact with germ, virus or disease, and excessive concerns with order, arrangement, or symmetry, as well as Feeling overly responsible for the safety of others a distasteful religious and sexual thoughts or images. The anxiety that is developed as a result of the above tendencies that compels him throughout to repeatedly perform ritualistic behaviors and arrangements, such as cleaning, repeatedly washing of his hands and one occasion bathing for hours, while Helen, the waitress waited for him to go a date, clearing demonstrating the compulsion that is too often difficult to control, even though it appears irrational. It must be said that this compulsive aspect of the symptoms tend to help him mitigate or ease the anxiety that persist. So in a narrow sense the compulsive behavior serves as a positive remedy or coping strategy, but generally it is irrational
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