Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( Ocd )

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The following is a case study of a male client, Carl Landau, who suffers from an anxiety disorder. In particular, obsessive compulsive disorder. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) are unnecessary thoughts that tend to be obsessions that lead to repetitive behaviors, also known as compulsions. It is characterized by irrational thoughts and fears that can lead to compulsive behaviors. It often focuses on topics such as the fear of germs or the want to place things in a specific manner. Individuals with this disorder typically recognize that their obsessive behaviors and thoughts are illogical but even so, they feel as if it is something that is uncontrollable. The client was diagnosed and given a valuation with the aim of defining the…show more content…
These symptoms included including excessive washing and showering; ceremonial rituals for dressing and studying; compulsive placement of objects he handled; grotesque hissing, coughing, and head tossing while eating; and shuffling and wiping his feet while walking. Like a majority of most cases these behaviors hindered with every aspect of his daily life and routine. Subsequently two years later, he had isolated himself from his friends and family, stopped eating and even declining to eat at times, and started to neglect his own look. His hair begun to grow longer and longer due to not getting it cut for five years. While walking, he took small steps and scuffled his toes while looking back, checking and rechecking his steps. Often, he would even run in place. Seven weeks prior to Carl 's admission to the hospital, his behavior started to worsen where it became time consuming and debilitating that he would refuse to engage in any personal hygiene activities because he had a fear that grooming and cleaning would become an issue from him being able to study. Although, he used to shower on an everyday basis, he stopped brushing his teeth, washing his hair, and even changing his clothes. Carl also started to become a turtle in his shell, and leaving his room less. He started to use paper towels to release his waste on and using paper cups to urinate in,
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