Obsessive Compulsive Disorders: A Case Study

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“Mental health professionals make the diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder based on three criteria: 1. Do you have obsessions? 2. Do you have compulsions? 3. Do these obsessions and compulsions significantly interfere with your day-to-day functioning?” (Thomas 36). Many people live their day-to-day life dealing with OCD. Leonardo Dicaprio is one of those people.
OCD is an anxiety disorder that causes a discomfort that cannot be controlled (Thomas 10). Ordinarily, people who suffer from OCD have obsessions and compulsions; most refuse to or are reluctant to seeking help (Thomas 3). However, the deliberate and purposeful behavior comes mostly from the compulsions side of OCD (13). It is terrible enough to be ranked on the top ten most
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Some have significant distress over the activities that trigger them, and a diagnosis can be made through interviews with mental health professionals (39). Some suffer from intrusive, persistent, and upsetting thoughts (Thomas 21). People can have compulsions such as cleaning, checking, washing, putting items right, repeating, and hoarding (14). It is hard to get the correct diagnosis, and mental health professionals are necessary for getting the right help (33). Psilocybin can help in more severe cases, whereas brain surgery is sometimes essential for patients with severe OCD (108). If the OCD is too severe people can be hospitalized for it (Watkins 22). A severe case would be considered something like hoarding OCD…show more content…
Most claim it can make work or school very unpleasant or punishing (Thomas 125). Leonardo Dicaprio only has mild to moderate OCD, so it was easier to control (Rivera). He can sit and talk himself through his issues (First Female). On the other hand, there are others who have it severely, but are afraid of seeking help or telling others about their OCD (133). On top of that, two to three percent of people have been diagnosed with OCD (Watkins 41). Although it is a chronic disorder and has higher rates than schizophrenia, no two people ever have the same symptoms due to the fact everyone is different (Thomas 79). Despite the fact that people already had OCD, it truly became famous because of Leonardo Dicaprio. Being an actor and having OCD, brought about attention to the disorder. He had full control over his OCD until he shot the movie Aviator
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