Obsessive Compulsive Eating Disorder Essay

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

One kind of anxiety disorder is obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). This disease can ruin a person's life because it causes them to have repetitive thoughts and behaviors towards certain things. Life can become very difficult because this way of thinking and acting is very difficult to overcome, especially since the obsessions have no point and are stressful for the person. It begins to interfere with the person's school, work, and/or home.

Obsessions are the unpleasant thoughts or impulses that cause the person with the disorder to have lots of anxiety and edginess. The thoughts may include things such as perfect order of things in a house, perfect hygiene, or the fear that they are going to hurt
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People used to believe that OCD was caused by the experiences in the patient's childhood. For example, parents putting unnecessary force on the child for a clean environment. Scientists have learned that it is due to more than just childhood experiences. They have realized that the disorder is caused by the environmental stresses, neurobiological factors, and even what the patient recognizes as being right or wrong.

People with OCD show differences in brain activity compared to other people. They also have less white matter in the brain than normal people. These results have been obtained using brain-imaging machines.

Victims of OCD may also have other diseases. Some have Tourette's syndrome. This is when the person has movement spasms and vocal outbreaks. Others have impulses to pull out their hair and to perfect their appearance. Yet others are afraid to catch a disease, even though doctors have reassured them that there are no defects in their health.

Victims deal with their problem in different ways. Some try to block their obsessions so they do not have to deal with their compulsions. They are able to hide their secret during the time they are in school or work. Over the years their condition gets worse, and they are unable to control themselves. By the time they get some professional help, they already have had the disease for some time. The symptoms may last for years with some mild periods and some harsh
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