Obsessive Girlhood Chapter Summary

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In her memoir, Devil in the Details: Scenes from an Obsessive Girlhood, Jennifer Traig delves into the origins, story, and journey through dealing with her multifaceted disorder known as Scrupulosity. Scrupulosity is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD that takes its main fixation on religion, in Traig’s case, Judaism. Much like most any form of OCD, Scrupulosity fixates on very minute details of life, though in this case, Jennifer Traig takes the words of the Torah with a dogmatic like dedication. The disorder that began with common compulsions and a fascination of her father’s family’s religious practices quickly began to take over ever part of her life, leaving her out of control and subject to rules that no god ever intended…show more content…
With little training, Traig was unfamiliar with most of the practices of her religion that she insisted upon being converted to, to officially identify with the system of faith where she felt she most belonged. This led to behavior that constitutes as more odd and obsessive that religious, as in the minds of Traig’s loved ones and observers, as well as herself. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders often leave the one with the mental illness feeling helpless, because they are very aware of the irrationality of their decisions and behaviors, but feel so distressed by not appeasing their compulsions that they are left with little control over their own lives. Jennifer Traig found herself in this boat that many sufferers face, in which reaching out to ask for help feels nearly impossible because it means that others will have to understand and not offer judgement, the obsessive compulsive has to admit to her behaviors that often…show more content…
Rather, for years Jennifer Traig let the disease rule her life, aware of the absurdities, but only realizing in retrospect how damaging the were. Her eating habits that began with attempting to keep kosher left her battling anorexia, as nothing with OCD is done in moderation or with sensibility. Though periods of extreme scrupulous behavior do flare up in Jennifer Traig’s life, even to this day, her OCD has been largely managed. Despite the struggles caused by Judaism, or rather her obsessive and inaccurate version of Judaism, Jennifer Traig did not estrange herself from the religion but instead altered her life to fit the actuality of the religion and now practices the rituals in the rational, intended
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