Obsolescence And Technology Has Been A Major Driver Of Human History

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Obsolescence and Technology
Obsolescence has been an issue for much of human history, largely due to the constant drive to innovate. Constantly advancing modern technology has been a major driver of human history, whether we look at ancient tools used by prehistoric human ancestors or at the constant advancement of the microprocessor. While this constant advancement has been good in many regards (lengthening the average human lifespan due to medical technology advancement), it has also had its drawbacks (many people being out of work, along with horrible and horribly unsafe working conditions for workers during the Industrial Revolution). This paper will focus on more modern issues regarding obsolescence, particularly with modern
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Human beings are susceptible to the trends of the times, whether that refers to technology, fashion, or interior decorations. Even old styles of Tupperware from the 1980s look dated to the current generation. It is nearly impossible to tell what will be in fashion come two to three years in the future, and how those fashion trends will affect the look, function, and manner of use of the technology for those seasons. There may also be social expectations among certain groups to have the most recent, most advanced releases of phones. People who require these technologies as a status symbol, like affluent people who want to look trendy or even ahead of the curve. Technophiles may also have the same motivations for continually purchasing the “latest and greatest”. Humans are also fairly easily amused creatures, enthralled by novelty. An example can be found by looking at this past summer in 2016 with the release of Pokémon Go. It was huge, there was a huge following of people playing it, businesses were using it as a selling feature if there was a Pokéstop or a Gym nearby. Now, approximately seven months later, Pokémon Go seems as if it was a passing fad. Many of the initial users have stopped playing, and now there is only a smaller group of dedicated players left still using it.

The last kind of obsolescence is functional obsolescence. Functional obsolescence is when products become obsolete due to surrounding technology or

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