Obstacles, Challenges, and Cooking of Jullia child

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One of the most recognized names in the home of many food lovers and chefs is Julia Child. She has overcome several obstacles and challenges on the way up. She started in a time when women weren’t allowed to work and were expected to stay home and “play house.” Julia didn’t grow up wanting to be the chef, author, or TV personality she is known for today. One woman changed the way that Americans look at food and even the way that we prepare our meals at home. She didn’t have the preconceived idea of being a famous person making money. She accomplished what she has done by simply following the things she became passionate about. If she can go from nothing to something by simply chasing what she loves, why can’t we? Julia attended college at Smith College in the 1903’s. At that point in time only about 5% of women went to college with 66.6% not completing a four year program. (Lehman 1997). After college, she volunteered for a position at the Office of Strategic Services, hoping to become a spy. Shortly after her placement at OSS (Office of Strategic Service) she was moved to Ceylon, the country now known as Sri Lanka, where she met her husband Paul. Julia claimed in 1946 that Paul married her in spite of her cooking abilities. Her husband Paul, who also worked for the OSS, was transferred to France. After Paul’s transfer, Julia uncovered something that would change her life, food. She then decided to pursue this new passion and enrolled in Corden Bleu cooking school.

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