Obstacles For Women 's Participation

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Obstacles to Women 's Participation in Sports

The obstacles to women’s participation in sports are categorised into three and these are financial, non-support and time. Financial Influence
Findings from the study indicate that playing sport requires an ability to pay for facilities and services. Participants complain that the high cost involved in paying for the facilities serve as a deterrent to their sports participation especially for those who have limited income. Non-affordability and inability to pay on time to play truncates regular participation. The services that participants say they require include: employing highly skilled and qualified professionals (coach, instructors, and etcetera), a physiotherapist, equipment
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This is a major challenge for them. Mothers in situations like this say, what they normally do is to save up towards payment of registration fees. This creates the problem of irregular participation for them since they have to wait and not play until a period they are able to raise money for the payments. Findings in the study show that participants who have the habit of impulse spending, tend to unavoidably find themselves spending more than their budget can support. They end up with financial troubles especially during sales periods for sports products. For moms, kids also add to the financial troubles in the case where kids want their moms to buy items they did not budget for. Buying sale items and customized items which participants actually do not need or not plan for increase the financial burden of participants. This situation makes it more expensive and more difficult for participants to afford as they should and play as they wish. Additional cost and miscellaneous spending on items like- diet/drinks, and memorabilia associated with play go on to increase the cost of participation. For the team and non-team participants interested in owning or renting equipment, it is very challenging because participants complain that apart from the high cost, time becomes an issue since participants will have to wait for their turn to rent. The circumstance of this nature ends up altering play. Even though there is availability and access
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