Obstacles In Life Of Pi

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In the novel Life of Pi by Yann Martel, begins with introducing us to an average kid named Pi. Pi’s life completely changes when their family decides to move to Canada and Pi faces the hardest obstacles he’ll ever have to endure. He’s thrown onto a lifeboat with a tiger, a hyena, Orangutan, and a zebra. He risks his life in a severe storm and he’s forced to give up everything in order to survive. Throughout the novel it suggests that one will overcome any obstacle in order to survive. Three days into his journey on the lifeboat Pi is up to this point unaware of all of the supplies it’s stocked with. He explains that he’d never experienced a more physical hell then for the lack of water he had. Pi had been surviving out at sea without food, water, and sleep and becomes thoroughly exhausted. At this point Pi is barely surviving and he is suffering on the tarpaulin. He eventually finds the resources the lifeboat had been stocked with, but it was a good lesson for him. This lesson taught him that this was not going to be an easy ride, and he needed to fight in order to stay alive. Pi didn’t have the basic needs of a human, so he couldn’t meet his bodily needs and that was a very big obstacle he had to overcome.…show more content…
Early on in the trip Richard Parker becomes irritated because he isn’t being fed. Pi soon realizes that if he doesn’t find food for him, then it’s obvious that he will become the food. So he has to do whatever he can to find food, and make sure the tiger is fed and happy. At the beginning of the novel Pi is shown as a vegetarian, but throughout the book he is killing all kinds of animals to survive. Showing again that it doesn’t matter what you’ve been doing all your life, if the matter depends on you living or dying they’re going to do whatever it takes to stay
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