Obstetrician Goals

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Like any other student in the Pre-Health department my goal is to provide care for patients in need. However, I plan to pursue this goal as an obstetrician in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. My whole life I have wanted to be a doctor and work with babies in some way. I grew up with a big family and I love it. As an obstetrician I will be able to work around the babies and experience the new life being brought into the world. I will be able to witness the beauty and pain of child birth and still keep an interest in the variety of humans born. To be completely honest I do not know why I want to be in this area of work, I have always just had the passion for it. When I was younger I researched the jobs that might interest me in the future and that I could enjoy. Obstetrics caught my…show more content…
Females are more inclined to share information with another female that can relate to their perspective than to blurt out information to a male doctor that only understands the medical side of their situation. In an article I once read, “The physician who cares for you should be someone who will listen to your problems and concerns, as well as have the experience to help you through difficult times”. As a female doctor I can relate the anatomy of another female, as well as their feeling of exposure, the sensitive areas on their body, and the knowledge of someone who can relate to their pain. Male doctors only have a basic knowledge of a woman’s feelings and their sensitive areas of the body, not to mention the emotional and mental struggles of childbirth. Pursuing my dream as an obstetrician will benefit me as a person as I enjoy caring for others and being able to experience the new creation God has blessed the Earth with, as well as benefit the females of the world that face the beauty and pain of
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