Obtaining A College Degree Is Essential For Getting A Good Job

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According to a poll by Gallup, almost seven out of ten Americans strongly agree that obtaining a college degree “is essential for getting a good job in this country.” Approximately four out of five Americans claim that they lack the financial ability to afford a college education (Levaux). With the clear majority of Americans believing that having such an education is essential, discussion pertaining to the legitimacy of its cost is necessary. On average, public postsecondary school tuitions are rising over twice as fast as inflation, and private postsecondary school tuitions are rising over two and a half times as fast as inflation (Lorin). Even the associated costs of colleges are rising, such as room and board and collegiate texts. According to Allie Bidwell, the last decade has seen textbook prices leap by 82 percent (“High Textbook Prices”). Once an educational establishment for the elite and a factory for the clergy, postsecondary education has become crucial in the everyday lives of those seeking a stable career to uphold them and their families (Kaufman). America has long been a powerful world leader, but its education system is failing. Current trends project future tuitions to create unsustainably high prices, where the generation concerned may find themselves entirely unable to feasibly pay for their own education. Several other countries already provide easily obtainable or free postsecondary education to their students. America needs to make the transition from

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