Obtaining An Internship With The State Historic Preservation Office

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Securing an internship with the State Historic Preservation Office, a bureau within the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission, is perhaps one of the finest organizations for a graduate student to spend their summer. With a myriad of learning opportunities available, each student is given the ability to cultivate their knowledge through unanticipated avenues, creating a continually stimulating workplace. My experience at the State Historic Preservation Office is significantly advancing my future career due to the guidance and skills I receive, along with the professional relationships I acquire. Gaining insight into the inner workings of government organization’s relationship with the public, applying my newly acquired skills with the CRGIS and GeoMedia systems, strengthening my networking abilities to benefit my future career, and recognizing how varying bureaus work together, strengthens my aptitude as a professional historian. Likewise, working to meet my goals that I set forth in my internship application allows me to tailor my learning experience in order to gain insight into PHMC’s fundamentals, as well as how they help to inform the public, and where a historian can fit into this government agency. Since beginning my internship at the State Historic Preservation Office, my experience and skills have developed exponentially. Attaining proficiency in a professional level government organization has allowed me to appreciate how history works for the public…
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