Obtaining Four-Year College Scholarships

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Scholarships are an amazing incentive for high school and college students. In the state of Pennsylvania students are offered educational encouragements in order to create cheaper college tuition funds. Students are given incredible funding opportunities to attend college however the access to higher education should be greater meaning more funds should be supplied to students and families. Such as, in the state of New York, students who qualify are entitled to a state scholarship that fully pays for four-year college through SUNY or CUNY New York campuses. If Pennsylvania were also to offer free four-year college scholarships to select schools and qualifying citizens that earn below a specific wage gap, then this would greatly benefit the state economically, and as a community. As majority whip, I Katy Miller, will grant within my power, all in-state Pennsylvania students full ride scholarships if families fall within qualification in order to economically flourish the state and it’s governments and to grant opportunity to every citizen for an equal opportunity. Obtaining a college degree is vital in todays day and age; such as if you do not have an education it is hard to land a well paying job, which holding a higher paying job entails a healthier or better quality of life. Of course this is not the dream for every American…show more content…
If all Pennsylvania students were given the luxury of attending four-year college and earning a bachelors degree, then it would result in higher paying jobs for the future. In which case, citizens with higher paying jobs also entail an increase in personal spending, which also gives back to local business and the overall state economy. Within time, businesses will continue to grow from increase in sales and the government will also benefit. From what it seems, there are endless perks to increasing the availability of college education to state
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