Obtaining a Degree in Chemical Engineering

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Researches depict that the unprecedented growth rate in the industries whether it be food processing, distilleries, pharmaceuticals, tanneries and many more is causing major problems in the environment due to use of different chemicals or use of the processes that are quite harmful or mismanagement in general or even transportation in general. Though, all of these is changing, with use of more environmental friendly methods and materials but a lot is yet to be changed. Since, these industries are mainly governed by and require a deep knowledge of chemical engineering, along with knowledge of biotechnology and environment; I want to pursue a research career in chemical engineering by doing my PhD in chemical engineering. Currently pursuing my M.tech in Environmental Biotechnology from Jadavpur University Kolkata after completion of my B.tech in Industrial Biotechnology from Dr. M.G.R University Chennai, I believe that I can combine my bit of understanding in the area of environment and biotech with the knowledge of chemical engineering for a research subject that can be used for greener and safer industry practices. Interest in Enzyme slowly started to increase due to my Final year M.tech project under Dr. Joydeep Mukherjee, where the objective is Bioprospecting of the enzymes isolated from bacteria found in Gangetic plain and isolation of those bacteria and optimization of the conditions to increase the enzyme production. I would further like to continue increasing its
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