Obtaining a Lien for Child Support in Texas

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There are a variety of actions that can be taken in order to obtain the financial support from a parent that has been ordered by the court, including repeated suits, wage garnishments that can be implemented by the products, and a few other avenues that can be pursued. One of the measures allowed for by law that is sometimes more lengthy to employ and to fully implement, but that tends to have very positive results in many cases is the use of a lien. Liens can be placed on valuable goods, property, and financial accounts that prevent the use of funds or the sale or transfer of goods when moneys are still owed on child support payments. While not effective in all situations, if the parent that is failing to make their child support payments has significant valuable property or accounts, liens can prove a very effective way of receiving back payments of moneys owed and of ensuring more timely and regular payments in the future. This does not mean that liens can be applied in all cases or to all types of property and accounts, however, and an understanding of Texas law related to child support payments and liens is necessary before a client proceeds with any action. First, it is important to note that liens cannot be levied against employers for the wages of the parent that…
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