Occupation In Auschwitz

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There were thousands and thousands of people being brought into the concentration camps. There had to be a way for them to keep everything organized. The people in command would register every single Jew before they were put to work or sent to the buildings. After the prisoners were unloaded from the truck or train, they were stripped of their personal belongings and clothes, and then they were given a new uniform. Most of the time they were also shaved. The prisoners were then taken to be inscribed with their number stamp and were also demanded to stand still while taking their picture from three sides (Camp System). That was the painless part. Now came the beatings, demands, torture, and starvation. The routine that was taken in…show more content…
There were different jobs for different people. Depending on your gender, strength, or age you were were suited with a task that fitted your physical abilities. There were even special jobs, such as being the ones in charge of taking the prisoners belongings when they arrived, running the crematorium, performing the punishments, working in factories, working on construction projects, running farms, and working in coal mines (Auschwitz). Other lower class men would do pointless things such as move sandbags, extract and carry heavy stones, dig trenches, etc. (“Normal Day”). Women had different expectations set on them. They were usually told to sew, cook, work in fields, work in factories, etc. If you were older, you were usually either experimented on or killed. Same thing followed for the children (“Holocaust”). If you ever slowed down on what you were doing, you were punished or killed. It wasn’t easy to stay awake and keep working in the cold weather when you were tired and hungry. The punishments differed depending on the situation, but there was plenty to choose from. There was “flogging”, “pillar”, confinement in standing cell, poor food, cremation, shot, experiments, special jobs, and many more (Daily Life). You could have been punished for many reasons, but the two main reasons was for spilling food, or slacking on the
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