Occupational Health And Safety Policies

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Occupational Health and Safety policy and guidelines provide key information and support of the rights and responsibilities of employers and staff. They are a key component of achieving a safe and healthy work environment at factory and setting direction to support a culture of health and safety. The ultimate goal is to foster a culture where there is ownership of health and safety at all levels within factory premise. With an established set of rules and regulations that are important in health and safety the ultimate goal is to establish a culture where there is true ownership of health and safety at all levels at factory. Accord has developed this Occupational Health and Safety toolkit to support you to:
• Understand what a robust occupational health and safety system means for your business;
• Make the case with factory management and other colleagues to invest in this area and support you;
• Assess the performance of your current health and safety system;
• Identify areas where you can improve and develop action plans to improve your health and safety system.
• Monitor implementation
Why use this toolkit?
Using the guidance and information in this toolkit to improve your health and safety system will bring you the following benefits:

Saving costs
• Reduced spending on medical care or compensation
• Reduced spending on materials, equipment and resources
• Reduced spending on repairing building and machines
• Reduced recruitment costs to replace…
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