Occupational Health And Safety Workplace Essay

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The OHS&W (Occupational Health and Safety Workplace) various types of hazards in the scenario is: Physical Hazard: A chair on the floor and fragmented glass and Biological Hazard: blood spilt on the floor, the blood splattered on the walls and the officer’s blood mixed with the offender’s blood. However, if the scenario was different and the HSR (Health Safety Representative) was in the room while the officers were in the room as well as the offender. The scenario played out, the other potential hazards in the room would be the offender with the chair as a threat is a physical hazard. The officer slipping on the blood is physical hazard but the officer’s blood mixing with the offender’s blood would be considered a biological hazard due to potential infections of diseases and health problems could occur. The offender not being restrained can also prove to be a hazard depending on his behaviour and attitude and would be classified as potential hazard. The puddle of blood on the floor has a moderate to high likelihood that it would cause an injury or illness. The shattered fragmented glass on the floor would be a high likelihood to cause injury as it can penetrate the skin. The officer’s blood being mixed with the offender’s blood would be severe as the consequences of infection of diseases and health problems. Hazard and Risk Management: Level of Risk Chart.  Green is Puddle of blood  Red is Fragmented Glass  Purple is the Blood Mixing. The risk level of the three
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