Occupational Health and Safety Issues in Contemporary Organizations

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Topic 1: Explain how Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) contributes to managing the human resource environment. Use the research literature to outline and discuss at least two current OH&S issues that impact human resource management in contemporary organizations.
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Occupational health and safety are becoming more and more important in term of human resource management. On one hand, managers need to be familiar with the legal context. On the other hand, they also have to keep in mind a development of strategy to manage occupational health and safety. This essay will discuss some current occupational health and safety issues and how they affect human resource management.
Occupational health and safety refers to the physical,
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Managers and board directors are still considering the profit and outcomes more important than employees’ wellbeing (Meei-shia, 2003, p. 368). Only high demand of employees or legislation from government can affect management decision on occupational health and safety. This can be seen as one of the reasons for an increasing number of work-related stress as well as other diseases. The modern life with the advantage of new technologies may have result in rising stress at work. It can easily be found on jobs that require long time working and much effort such as professionals, science research and managers. There are several reasons that cause stress in workplace. Poor working conditions, high job demands or physical harassment; all of these can lead to work-related stress. Many studies have shown a same result about the effect of long working hour and high demand of work on level of stress of workers. Moreover, as the labor-force is becoming older, younger workers are decreasing; the task for employees will increase. While the number of old labor increased by 4.2 million, this number of younger workforce decreased by 0.7 million (“New and emerging risks in occupational safety and health”, 2009). This can also lead to a high level of depression. It has been argued that because of lack of experience, skills and training, young workers often have to suffer more risk at work

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