Occupational Health and Safety Programs

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Abstract Successful occupational health and safety practice requires the collaboration and participation of both employers and workers in health and safety programs such as the Four-Point Workplace Program and Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP), as well as involving the consideration of issues relating to the direct and indirect costs of injuries to an organization. The OSH Act of 1970 was established to provide guidelines and regulate laws to protect employers and employees in the workplace. The purpose of a safety and health program is beneficial to not only the employee, their families, but also the organization. OSHA has long recognized that compliance with occupational safety and health standards alone cannot accomplish all the…show more content…
Each company would determine hazardous conditions unique to their situation after a job analysis has been completed and reviewed. A reality employer’s face every day in the workplace is challenges about how to eliminate accidents as they are extremely costly to an organization. Workplace accidents are costly to an organization because the funds that pay for the injuries come directly from a company’s profit margin, which in the long-run could prevent company bonuses, pay raises, and extreme cases layoffs or termination of employment. When looking at how much accidents affect a company financially, one needs to analyze the direct and indirect costs of when workers stay whole and healthy versus the negative side of not maintaining a safe and healthy workforce. Companies benefit from a healthy workforce because they end up directly spending less on workers’ compensation insurance costs, reduced medical expenditures, lower costs for job accommodations for injured workers, and smaller expenditures for return-to-work programs. Safe and healthy employees pay huge indirect dividends to companies as well by increasing productivity, producing higher quality products, a boost in morale, reduced absenteeism, and better employee/management relations. When employees are safe and healthy at the workplace, not only do the company and employee benefit, their families do as well. Peace

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