Occupational Health and Safety Regulation Compliance

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The compliance with these norms is one essential part of ensuring whether these regulations are being adhered to or not and this is where the role of inspectors is introduced. The inspectors are professionals responsible to ensure the compliance of health and safety regulations in a company and conduct periodic inspections to either avoid a serious accident or injury or to handle the workplace situation in case accident/injury has already taken place.
The article talks about the issue based on the Self-determination theory categorizing inspectors into two categories; autonomy-supportive inspectors and coercive inspectors derived from these similar work environments and debates statistically on which type of inspection is more effective. An autonomy-supportive environment supports an environment conducive to learning for employees and is thus subject to more positive outcomes. On the other hand, a coercive work environment is more of an autocrative leadership style where the boss enforces the regulation compliance with power and authority.
The article reflects with research the idea presented by Self-determination theory which states that the best way to deal with…
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