Occupational Physician Career Goals

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An occupational physician is a medical doctor who treats illnesses and injuries of employees during working hours. They assess health status of newly hired employees of a company or persons returning to work after a serious health disorder. They ensure the safety of the workplace and work practices to eliminate hazards to secure workers health (“Focus 2” 2013) Being an occupational physician your duties consist of treating injuries that occurred during working hours, and determine if employee is able to continue work or take leave and receive further care. They also assess the health of returning employees from recovery, recommend if its best for them to come back to wok or take an extended leave, they also practice training programs for employees on how to deal with stress that their job duties implicate on them.
There are a plethora of skills and requirements that are needed to acquire this job,

My career goals, I dream big I
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I always enjoyed caring for people and making sure they are feeling well, as a child I would buy first aid kits and cover my stuffed animals with band aids or play nurse with my uncle and wrap his arm with bandages and take his temperature. It has always been in my nature to care for others, it is inevitable that my mission in life to keep on and care for those in need.
Its my passion and my true calling, when I set my eyes on a goal I do whatever it takes to achieve I am as ambitious as it gets. Studying medicine is agruling task but I believe is all the worth sercing a greater purpose , it will be the greatest honor to be able to save lives. I will be able to grow as a person from working with the most sacred thing called life. I have spent quite a few time in doctors offices and hosptials I was a sick kid, through that experience I got to appreciate the work they all do. They fixed me and brightened my spirits, I only hope to do the same for someone in the
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