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Occupational Profile Angelo is a 65-year-old male who has left-sided hemiparesis because of a right cerebrovascular accident that occurred 7 years ago. Though he has left upper extremity weakness, it does not affect his right upper extremity, which is his dominant side. Angelo uses a cane to ambulate between locations, yet he needs to use a rail in order to climb up stairs, and he uses an ankle-foot-orthosis to support his left foot. Although Angelo has no visual and/or perceptual deficits, Angelo struggles to flex his shoulder, extend his elbow, and both flex and extend his fingers. Angelo experiences diminished sensation on his left upper extremity, but it depends on the time of day. When Angelo sits down on a chair next to the table, he places his left upper extremity on the top of the table to support it, using his right upper extremity. In addition, Angelo is able to articulate…show more content…
When a test for sensation was administered using a cotton ball, there were a couple of instances in which Angelo was able to feel the touch of the cotton ball towards the end of his left hand; however, Angelo was not able to locate where one touched his skin using the cotton ball. It indicates that Angelo has diminished touch on the radial side of his left upper extremity post-stroke.
When one administered the dynamometer to measure gross motor strength while another one administered the lateral pinch meter for fine motor strength, there was a significant different in the amount of strength between Angelo’s right upper extremity and left upper extremity. After three trials on both arms through both of these assessment tools occurred, the results indicated that his left upper extremity was significantly weaker than his right upper extremity, all because of his cerebrovascular
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