Occupational Safety And Health Administration Essay

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Accidents are unfortunately inevitable in an industry as dangerous as the construction industry. It is not unknown that all-around construction is the occupational field that produces the most accidents and fatalities per year, which can definitely be intimidating for anyone desiring a career in this environment. Furthermore, the sad truth is that accidents will never cease to occur regardless of all of the strict rules and safety procedures implemented by supervisors and safety organizations such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), for there are situations where there are unwilling workers who choose not to cooperate with set safety rules. Construction individuals are solely responsible for their own health and safety; as a result, workers put themselves at risk by not following safety-implanted rules, which undoubtedly adds to the ever-growing list of injuries/fatalities per year in construction.
However, even though accidents and fatalities will never stop in this industry, the reduction of incidents is definitely a mutual aim for everyone involved in this profession. For example, OSHA requires companies to commands their respective workers to utilize Personal Protective Equipment, also referred to as PPE. PPE aims to lower the physical risk of workers when dealing directly with the likes of toxic substances, tools, and machinery in addition to be around unstable objects and structures. There are countless forms of gadgets, tools, and
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