Occupational Safety And Health Agency

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Employee Safety Introduction The system of the Occupational Safety and Health Agency occurred to protect the interests of the workers in various organizations. The federal legislation proposes that each employer should be capable of providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees to reduce or avoid the occurrence of accidents. If not, the employees require some form of insurance covers for compensation when directly exposed to the hazards. General hazards in the organization include chemicals, poisonous gasses, sharp tools, and factors that make people vulnerable to falls just to mention but a few (Burt, 2015). Other conditions set by the federal law include the possibility that the aggrieved employee will have the opportunity to talk about the unsafe workplace without fear that the managers will retaliate harshly to his or her sentiments. Several factors entail employee safety including the possibility of training the workers about the possibly dangerous workplace and ensuring that the OSHA officers have access to the same environment for inspection. Companies that follow such details carefully often refrain from allegations of providing the employees with the worst work environments as the submission further unveils. Training Workplaces are sometimes very complicated to the employees that the greatest nightmare becomes moving around the people and the machinery. One of the protocols an organization should observe includes training people to limit or avoid
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