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Occupational Safety and Health Administration PAST The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA is a part of the US Department of Labor, and was started in 1970 as part of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Its mission is to prevent work-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths by issuing and enforcing rules (called standards) for workplace safety and health. Since it’s inception it has helped to cut the incidents of workplace fatalities by sixty percent, and occupational injury and illness rates by forty percent. This presentation will present what OSHA has accomplished in the past, present and what it hopes to accomplish in the future. There are many reasons for the introduction of an…show more content…
OSHA is making great strides to become more proactive. Under the Bush Administration OSHA has developed a 3-pronged plan: • Strong, fair, and effective enforcement • Outreach, Education, and Compliance Assistance • Partnership and Cooperative Programs Enforcement is the foundation of OSHA’s effort to protect the health and safety of American workers. OSHA‘s mission is to have every American worker home, whole and healthy every day. Last year less than 1% of their inspectors were under the Enhanced Enforcement Program, which targets Employers who willfully and repeatedly violate the rules. Outreach, Education and Assistance helps OSHA play a key role in prevention of worker injury and illness. OSHA maintains an extensive and informative web site including a section that focuses on small business, tools to help both workers and employers identify and address special hazards, also to prevent illness. Last year alone, more than 50 Million people logged onto this web site. The agency provides publications in print and online to aid in training. OSHA also maintains a call center staffed during business hours and a 24-hour hotline for problems after hours. In order to help non - English speaking people OSHA provides material and help in regional offices in Spanish, Japanese, Polish and Korean. OSHA has several Cooperative Programs. The Alliance Program focuses on Labor, Trade and Professional
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