Occupational Stress: Causes and Management

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Occupational stress and scientific monitoring Introduction The topic, occupational stress and scientific monitoring has been chosen because work stress is a major health hazard in modern workplaces and accounts for a lot of physical and emotional stress, family problems and substance abuse that come from those undertaking both blue and white collar jobs. Occupational stress is also a major cause for reduction in workplace productivity and increased workplace accidents that lead to hefty insurance compensation. Topic choice and justification The traditional approach to workplace stress was to place blame on the victim for being negligent. However, over the years, organizations have come to understand that occupational stress is a function of different actions and everyone has a role to play in it. Therefore, the structure of the workplace and work-life balance is an important aspect in the reduction of occupational stress (Schwer et al., 2010). Technology has been introduced in many workplaces and this has helped to make jobs more fragmented in terms of narrowing duties and tasks thus leaving workers to be more disconnected with the final product. This creates workplace challenges, boredom, and reduces the satisfaction that employees gain from their jobs (Pope et al., 1997). This research project will thus help to add knowledge that is known on the subject as well as to develop strategies to utilize intelligence, decision-making and creativity to reduce occupational
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