Occupational Therapists And Occupational Therapy

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The entire profession of Occupational Therapy draws on the idea that occupation can be used to alter an individual 's mental and physical well-being. Occupational therapists use occupation as a tool to achieve this. Participation in occupation is believed to be a significant factor in providing a method for individuals to not only promote, but also maintain their health and well-being (Law, Steinwender and Leclair, 1998).

'Well-being ' is generally defined as an individual’s view of their own health, including how they feel about their physical, mental, and social health (Hocking, 2014). The Oxford dictionary defines occupation as "A job or profession" or "A way of spending time" (Oxford, 2016). Alternatively, occupational therapists define occupation as daily activities which not only fill time, but give life itself meaning and purpose (WFOT, 2016).

In the eyes of an occupational therapist, occupation is used to "express who we are, what is of value, and who we wish to be" (Edwards, 1997). This explains that occupation is an extremely important part of a person, helping to show who a person is and forming part of the very core of their identity. Suzanna M. Peloquin (1997, cited by Finlay, 2004), an Assistant Professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Texas, shared her view that "meaningful occupation animates and extends the human spirit", again showing the significance occupation holds for an individual. From these quotations, we can
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