Occupational Therapy : A Essential Segment Of The Health Care Field

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Essay Questions
1. Describe your understanding of the occupational therapy profession.
Occupational Therapy is a vital segment of the health care field. Individuals in this profession make a difference in the lives of others by helping their patients function effectively despite their disability, illness, or injury. They help by teaching patients many activities of daily living tasks which can include, grooming, toileting, dressing, eating, mobility, and much more! Along with the daily living tasks, Occupational Therapy helps individuals to be productive and successful in ways they want to be, like going school, taking care of others, managing their homes, preparing meals. Most importantly, they help their patients adapt to their environments and increase their independent function by helping them perform tasks with as little help from others as possible. Without Occupational Therapy, some patients with temporary disabilities could have a permanent disability. If individuals receive the Occupational treatments, they can prevent the loss of function.
2. Explain your interest in becoming an Occupational Therapy Assistant. My interest in becoming an Occupational Therapy Assistant comes from my desire to change lives. I want to help people do activities they never thought they would be able to do again. I want to be there for others and teach individuals to live a “Normal life.” I want to make a difference by being helpful and compassionate to others through a difficult…
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