Occupational Therapy And Eating Disorder Recovery

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I struggled to find an occupational therapist to interview for this assignment. Without knowing the big movers in the field of occupational therapy and eating disorder recovery, I felt I was grasping at nothing. I did actively pursue many authors of papers that focused on OT and ED but received no response. This was regardless of my mode of communication, zero phone calls back and emails unresponsive. I decided to change my approach to this and stepped outside of the field of OT. This is when I found a professional willing to speak with me.
I interviewed Miranda Phelps from Waterville, Maine. Phelps is a clinical psychologist who has been practicing since 1998. I found the contact information for Phelps through the eating disorder treatment team directory from the Eating Disorders Association of Maine. We sat down for the interview on March 2nd at her Waterville office. I chose to pursue this interview with Phelps because I perceived her to be client-centered and she mentioned using various approaches that I am interested in implementing when I’m working with clients that would like to utilize them. These approaches included reflective listening, narrative therapy and mind-body perspectives. Upon arrival I learned that though Dr. Phelps is on the ED treatment team for the Waterville area, she has not had much experience in treating individuals with ED but that this was a common thread among all practitioners in the state of Maine. My first question to Miranda was why
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