Occupational Therapy History

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The name of the society changed in 1923, due to hospitals wanting a national directory of qualified occupational therapists. There now was a minimal standard of training that had to be met before an individual was put in the directory (AOTA, 2009). The name was changed to the American Occupational Therapy Association. The American Medical Association worked with the American Occupational Therapy Association starting in 1933 on getting improved education programs for occupational therapists (AOTA, 2009).

World War II was a very influential event on occupational therapy. There was a high demand of occupational therapist in the rehabilitation aspect as soldiers were returning injured from war (Schell, Gillen, and Scaffa, 2014). Occupational therapy took a huge turn in this time as well that influenced the techniques that occupational therapists use in our day and age. Prior to World War II, occupational therapy was considered an art and craft based therapy. During this time, the focus moved to rehabilitation techniques that were scientifically based (Schell, Gillen, and Scaffa, 2014). The wounded warriors were the primary focus during this time in history, and the prevalence and development of prosthetics and orthotics really took off.

“Additional emphasis was placed on reintegrating veterans into society, and therefore the use of activities of daily living, ergonomics, and vocational rehabilitation gains favor in therapeutic communities” (Gainer, 2008). Ergonomics comes
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