Occupational Therapy And The Medical Field

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Around the world, there are nurses, doctors, and therapist. The medical field is very broad and there are specific types of fields you can go into to. One very important and usual job that people tend to practice is Occupational Therapy. This is a job that is practiced every day some place, whether it is a hospital, living facility, school etc. This type of work is what helps patients that have suffered a life changing event/ trauma that affects how they live daily life, be able to overcome these hardships. The definition of occupational therapy was written in 1922, by H.A. Pattison. Dr. Pattison defined occupational therapy as “any activity, mental or physical, definitely prescribed and guided for the distinct purpose of contributing to, and hastening recovery from disease or injury.” On OTA works under an OT supervision, only if state law permits it. The main reason I want to be an occupational therapist is because I enjoy helping people overcome adversity, and making people happy. Being caring and compassionate, if you don’t genuinely care about people, occupational therapy is not for you. People do not need a therapist who is harsh, short tempered, impatient, or unforgiving. They need someone who is warm, who understands, and who cares about their well-being. It would probably have to be the enjoyment of what I’m studying. And the thrill it gives to know I’m helping people do things they never thought they’d be able to do again.
Occupational therapy is the use of
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