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Occupational Therapy Addressing Dementia: Issues Paper Dementia is a mental health disorder commonly addressed with in the geriatric population. Dementia involves a cognitive decline of the brain. This is a disease of a broader spectrum and can be broken down into other subgroups or diseases such as: Alzheimer’s, vascular, frontal-temporal and dementia with Lewy bodies. As dementia gets progressively worse the more challenges the individual faces. Simple daily occupations such as dressing, feeding, even rest and sleep are difficult task to complete. As occupational therapist it is important to address mental health issues and injustices towards occupations. Dementia is a global health concern as it affects the community or social integration as the disease onsets. This cognitive disorder is usually a concern of inpatient skilled nursing facilities in the latter stages. Therapist must address our role in this…show more content…
Training for occupational therapist is vital for they must be consistent with their roles and responsibilities. Management and coordination of care is based on the individual’s dementia life history and functional capacity (National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health, 2007). Public health models provide a foundational framework for how we should handle matters of mental health such as dementia. One of the models that address dementia is the competence- environmental press model. The model states that behavioral tendencies of dementia may be controlled or minimized by environmental manipulations. They lower external forces of the environment and affect the functioning level of the person (Corcoran & Gitlin, 1992). This model describes the interactions between objects, task, social groups, and
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