Occupational Therapy

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Introduction According to the World Federation of Occupational Therapy, occupational therapy is a profession which is concerned with the promotion of well-being and health of individuals through engaging them in occupation. It is a holistic healthcare profession with an aim to promote health in individuals by enabling them to perform purposeful and meaningful activities across their lifespan. Occupational therapist by using different treatments help their patients with a mental, physical or developmental conditions to recover, develop or maintain daily work and life skills in themselves. OT is client-centered and see client as an integral part in the process of Occupational therapy. Therapist gives individualized attention and…show more content…
Playing the piano is a meaningful leisure time activity for John so it is important he continues to do this to promote social inclusion, physical exercise, boost his self esteem and to make that spiritual connection. Key factors which may impact on the John’s occupational performance This inflammatory incurable disease Rheumatoid Arthritis came as a surprise to John as he had never experienced such an ‘excruciating pain’ in his joints. Pain initially started in his left hand and the next day he suffered from the same excruciating pain in his right hand. This really disturbed him as he had no idea what to do with it. The pain was absolutely excruciating that he decided to see a doctor and seek medical advice. His doctor was also confused and just recommended him some Analgesic or Paracetamol tablets to mitigate the pain. This indicates that John has led a healthy life in his past and has good medical record, since he was experiencing this kind of disease for the first time in his life; his doctor was unable to learn about his condition in the first place (Charmaz, pp.976-993). John went home and took some tablets which relieved him at that particular time. Since the disease is incurable and chronic, the excruciating pain in his joints surfaced again, this time with more intensity as it almost locked him up solid by stiffening up his
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