Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain And Process Analysis

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Within the OTPF, four words can be used interchangeably. Occupation and activity can be used interchangeably to describe participation in daily life pursuits (OTPF, 2014). Occupation refers to the things that people want such as, need, or have to do; it also refers to the way that an individual is engaged in multiple activities (OTPF, 2014). According to Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain & Process (2014) occupations reflect to, “what people value in life and also give meaning to what they do. Additionally, the term occupation, as it is used in the Framework, refers to the daily life activities in which people engage; and both occupations and activities are used as interventions by practitioners (p. S6)”. The other two words that can be used interchangeably are environment and context. The environment can be…show more content…
The professional terminology reflects only the terms that are being used in the field, therefore it is unique to the field. Professional terminology is designed to join the professionals. However, based on the conceptions and mindsets of the professionals, it can eventually lead to separation of the professionals. A good illustration to that will be the “cheese” story illustrated by Jacobs (2002) on her farewell. The moral of the story is for health care professional to be like Mary and Bob who were able to adapt to changes and learn from them. The story also discouraged the future therapists to act like Larry who refused to realize the need for a new cheese station (Jacobs, 2002). Therefore, the impact of professional terminology depends on the perspective of the professionals and their desire to apply these changes in their practice. As future occupational therapists, it is an imperative to realize that in the health care field change is inevitable; and also change is needed to provide the best care to the
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