Occupational Therapy Wellness Program : Youth And Parent Perspectives Essay

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Occupational Therapy has a wide scope of practice. It is now becoming more common for Occupational Therapists to devise wellness programs for their community. In the case of the article “Occupational Therapy Wellness Program: Youth and Parent Perspectives,” programs involving children are best practiced when they involve the family as a whole. Obesity is a very common issue facing our youth, as the numbers of children with Body Mass Index (BMI) in the obese range have more than quadrupled in the past decade (Kugel, Hemberger, Krpalek, & Javaherian-Dysinger, 2016). Many factors play into this, but the most common factors are genetics, behavioral, psychosocial, environmental, and family habits. Research shows that genetics play a very important role in particular. This study was a meta-analysis of nine twin and five adoption studies with participants ranging in age between 1-18 years (Kugel et al., 2016). Behavioral factors include the children’s eating habits, lifestyle at home, and their choices of activity (Kugel et al., 2016). While there are public policies that focus on nutritious food being available at school meals and more time for physical activity, there is still the matter of what children do once they get home after school. There have been studies where therapists provide their clients with helping tools such as food boards and portion control plates to give their clients a clear picture of what is healthy. Emphasis has been put on approaching the treatment

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